Boys to Men Mentoring, Inc Appeal

Our #1 priority is to keep our boys safe.  In today’s world we must be constantly aware of possible threats to our boys as well as potential liabilities to the Boys to Men program. This takes constant vigilance, well-designed programs, and documented policies and procedures.

Our #2 priority is to support our boys.

Your donations will directly serve our boys by providing the following services.

  1. Recruit and train our mentors and clear them with background checks.
  2. Communicate with inquires, register boys, coordinate and produce our three-day Adventure Weekend.
  3. Follow up and support mentors to insure they are being accountable to the boys they  are mentoring.
  4. Collaborate and work with school administrators to identify students in need of attending site-based program meetings.
  5. Follow up with parents to answer questions and make sure their children are finding value in their BTM experience.
  6. Create and execute group activities throughout the year.
  7. Communicate with mentors and boys to give them every opportunity to attend our site-based and community meetings.
  8. Improve the quality of our programs.
  9. Build Community Partnerships.
  10. Grow our program evaluation and data collection programs.


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